2022 the year in runes

Here is the energy we will be moving through collectively this year. I have also included different beliefs to muscle test for each month so you can do your self belief work to make that month flow a little bit easier. If you have questions about how to muscle test or want to go deeper into relief work, join me for a ThetaHealing intro or one of the many classes I hold each month. Full schedule is here. 

January – Teiwaz 

There is no time this month for forced social activities. Spend all your energy on the things that really spark a fire in the bottom of your soul. This is a time to fight for what you feel is right, for what you know you deserve. This is a great month to ask for a raise, start a new passion project, or to finally start that business. It is okay if you don’t feel social or like going out, the energy really supports staying in and refining your craft or plotting how you will take over the world. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I am allowed to get what I want. 
  • I am worthy of going to the next level. 
  • My passions are worthwhile. 
  • I can succeed when I follow my passions. 

February – Othila Reversed 

If you have been lying to yourself about anything (what you really want, who you want to love, it’s okay to stay in this situation, do you deserve to be that/ have that in your life) it is going to come to the surface this month. To breeze through February- totally self honesty is required. This is a great time to do belief work! You really can shift a lot, the energy is there to support the shifts and all your shit will be right on the surface. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I am afraid of seeing the deepest parts of me. 
  • It is safe to truly know myself. 
  • I know how to express my desires

March – Hagalaz 

March is another great month to do belief work. Be prepared to change your plans, to be interrupted, to have your anger come up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but one that you can get  through if you have been being honest with yourself and did some great work in February. Anything unleaded from last month could be compounded as the energy increases in March. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I always have to suppress my anger
  • I am allowed to be angry 
  • No matter what I do, something else always goes wrong

April – Thurisaz Reversed  

You have a big decision to make and if you have spent the last two months clearing things out this month could be easy for you. If you felt that you had better things to do than work on yourself- it may feel like every decision you make is a compromise. True, you do have the wisdom from facing decisions like this before- but are you tuned in enough to your inner truth to really hear your inner wisdom.

Beliefs to check: 

  • I make good decisions
  • I trust my inner wisdom 

May-  Eihwaz 

Do you know how to recognize when you are safe? It can be hard if you have lived your whole life analyzing the words of others looking for a deeper meaning. We can become so used to being on the defensive that we never fully really and are always looking for reasons to reject the other person before they reject us. To the point that we push people away who genuinely want to help, and who are offering unconditional support. It can feel forgein if we have never allowed support before.

Other times, if there is a lack of self respect, we may overlook when we are being respected and take offense at interactions when no offense was meant. But when you really know and respect yourself people will reflect that respect back to you and you no longer feel the need to defend yourself. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I know when I am safe.
  • I am impervious to attacks
  • I know how to find people that already accept me

June – Gebo 

We are meant to have help along the way. Trusting others will be key this month. This will be a great time to start a new group project, put together a large collaborative event, or to schedule your next retreat. Workin on a team, and learning how to trust is the best use of the energy of June. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I know how to share power
  • I trust others
  • I need to be in control

July-  Perth Reversed 

Some of us carry the ancestral belief that we have to go though huge initiations in order to advance or gain new skills. If that is true for you (and you haven’t yet done the work to release it) this month may get a little bumpy. 

Also, intimate relationships may be under a bit of strain this month, so opening up and being in honest communication – both expressing your truth and taking the time to really listen to your partner’s truth- will be the way to come through with a deeper understanding and love. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I know how to talk to my partner
  • I know how to listen to my partner
  • I have to go through an initiation in order to grow. 
  • I have to learn the hard way 

August – Raido Reversed 

It may be difficult to get comfortable this month. Expect delays and other interruptions in travel. Have a back up plan for your events, especially ones with many moving parts. Don’t try to force anything to happen, it will either come together or it won’t this month. Make your plans, but try to go with the flow as people cancel, venues change, and other things come up.  If you let go of how things happen and surrender to trusting the universe that it will happen in the highest and best way- you could be pleasantly surprised.

Beliefs to check: 

  • Everything has to go according to my plan
  • I always know the best way to make it happen
  • I get upset when other people foil my plans

September- Sowelu 

Finally a month with a calmer energy. Do things this month that help you feel recharged and balanced as there is a great opportunity to heal. Another great month to go on a retreat or sit on  the beach and let all the energies sort themselves out. Many of the struggles from the previous month are all going to converge and relax into a clearer picture of why you have been put through all this stuff this year.  Projects will go more smoothly and you may find that all of sudden people are going back to being kind to each other.

Beliefs to check: 

  • I know when to relax
  • I can trust when others are kind to me
  • It is safe to take a break

October – Languz Reversed 

We may hit a few hiccups this month. The ease and flow of September will be abruptly cut short and we will be jarred into a new challenge that will require new thinking and a bit of humor to get us through. New thinking – and coming at things from a new direction mentially – will be key. We will need to be open to new perspectives. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • Only my generation knows what is right 
  • New ideas stress me out

November – Mannaz Reversed 

All the new perspectives and ideas from the last month could leave one a little unsure of who they are at the core. With Mannaz reversed it could shake a few of us to the core. Who am I really? Also, old regrets will be coming up a lot. So this will be a month of learning who you really are, and forgiving your past mistakes. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I still regret ________.
  • It is safe to fully forgive myself.

December – Berkana 

Like September, this will be one of the easy flowing months in 2022. This will be a time of easy & exponential growth. Trust your gut, plan some fun things both in your professional and private life and just enjoy the fruits of all the hard work that you put into this year. 

Beliefs to check: 

  • I am worthy of the Creator’s abundance 
  • I know how to accept abundance

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