ThetaHealing Classes

Basic DNA

This is where you start your journey. You will learn the building block of the technique and receive some amazing healings.

Oct 25 -27

You + Creator

Learn how to discern between the Creator, less aspects of divinity, and your higher self.

July 12 & 13 Online

Nov 10 & 11

Soul Mates

Ready to call in the one or deepen the love you already have?

July 14 & 15

World Relations

5 days of clearing away ancestral bias and trauma. Experience a deeper level of healing and freedom from those hidden programs


Rhythm to a Perfect Bodyweight

Learn how to love your body exactly how it is.

June 27th

Advanced DNA

The second class in the series, you will be up-leveled a lot and we will help you remove the common blocks many healers face.

June 28-30 Online

Nov 1-3

You + Inner Circle

Learn how to set up your circles in your business so you can have more fun running your business.

February 7 & 8

Manifesting and Abundance

Clear away all the ancestral beliefs that stop you from creating the life you really want



Lets do 5 impossible things before breakfast. 5 days of magic and belief work


Disease and Disorder

The sequel to Intuitive Anatomy. We go deeper into belief about the body and especially clear you as the healer so can work on others without fear.

Online Oct 10-21

Dig Deeper

Class #3 helps you understand on a deeper level how to find the bottom belief with confidence.

July 7 & 8 Online

No 8v & 9

You + Your Significant Partner

Clear away blocks and beliefs that come up in the day to day life of living with your boo.

Feb 22 & 23

Intuitive Anatomy

15 day course where we talk about the beliefs held in all the parts of the body and then release them.

August 15- Sept 2 Online

Planes of Existence

Connect on a deeper level to the world around us. In person only and there are field trips.