The Master’s Path

A six month self transformation Journey, Nov 28, 2022 – May 20, 2023

Welcome to the Master’s Path

6 Months | 350+ Hours of Transformational Learning | Online

The Master’s Path Promises

You will be centered as your best self, free from doubt and disbelief, ready to give and receive love.

Illuminate your own internal biases and negative self-talk through authenticity and responsibility.

Release you and your ancestors’ trauma.

Live each day in joy as you consciously create your life and business.

You will serve a diverse audience, in a business that will attract the most-aligned people.

You will be connected to a magical community committed to growth.

You will have the ability to share the unique things you came here to create.

Transform your life without missing family dinners. A nurturing way to learn. 

Energetic success with your soul-aligned business. Ridiculous money.

A community of amazing spiritual entrepreneurs & artists as committed as you are to personal and professional transformation so you can have accountability and support from soul family who already get what you are going through and can see everything that you are capable of. 

“Marie is an absolute Healing and Manifestation Star, if you feel you have a huge potential and some strange hidden blocks prevent you from taking the next step, Marie is the one for you. She will support you greatly to hold a sacred space for yourself to feel, believe and see what is possible for you to realize now. Also she will ensure that whatever hidden blockage might still be there will be released. Marie takes a loving empathic wise humorous approach for her co-creations. Marie thanks a million for everything you facilitated for me, eternally thankful, yours”

– Jennifer, Hamburg, Germany

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The Master’s Path at a Glance

  • A 6-month commitment from Nov 28, 2022 – May 20, 2023.
  • 350+ hours interactive classroom instruction and all included materials.  Online, so you can experience it from home, balance your work and family time. 
  • 12 official ThetaHealing® Certifications, so you can work as a healer, or just have some awesome bragging rights and a wall of certificates!
  • 21 Practice sessions, so you can sharpen your skills and feel confident in working with different types of brains, allowing you to provide guaranteed results.
  • Weekly Office Hours with Professor Marie so that you can ask the silly questions and get one on one support. This way, you never get stuck and keep moving forward no matter what.
  • Monthly Group Coaching, so you can apply, integrate, and deepen the work we do in class. 
  • 12 Private Sessions, so you can keep the magic rolling after you graduate from the program and create lasting change in your life and business.

“This class was a truly transformational experience for me. I feel so empowered with all the new skills, understandings and downloads that I received. Marie instils a sense of faith that allows you to tap into your own abilities in a way you didn’t think was possible, while making you feel safe and supported. She has a strong connection to her own abilities and understands the subtleties of energy in a way that compliments the Theta healing teachings by referencing experiences from her own life. I’m really happy I took this class with Marie as my teacher as she made the experience of learning and healing and sharing so much more enjoyable.”

– Gemma, Portland

Join me for a free zoom mini mastermind to learn more. Tuesdays Oct & Nov. (except Nov 8)

The Details

All classes run 11am-6pm ET, all happening on Zoom.

Classes included: 

Basic DNA  3 days                 Nov 28-30

Advanced DNA 3 days         Dec 8-10

Dig Deeper  2 days                 Dec 13-14

You + the Creator 2 days        Jan 9-10

You + Your Inner Circle 2 days    Jan 12-13

Manifesting and Abundance  2 days  Jan 17-18

World Relations 5 days                      Jan 23-27

Soul Mates 2 days*                          Feb 

You + Your Significant Other 2 days*   Feb 

Intuitive Anatomy 15 days      March 6-24

Disease and Disorder 10 days     April 10-21

DNA 3  5 days                           May 15-19

*These dates may shift pending Marie’s schedule

Note: You must attend all days of each class to be certified. The first 4 listed are prerequisites and must be completed to move on to the other classes as they skills build on each other. 

Practice Sessions happen weekly and are HIGHLY encouraged but not required. They will be taught by a variety of fellow skilled teachers so you can get a rounded perspective on Thetahealing.  Sunday evenings 7-10pm

Office Hours will be Monday evenings 8-9pm ET. This is an open time to drop in and ask questions.

Monthly Group Coaching is a chance to learn how to apply the lessons from classes into your daily life and work and also workshop new ideas as they evolve. They run the last Saturday of the month for from 1-4 ET on Dec 31, Jan 28, Feb 25*, April 29, May 20 (Graduation).

Private sessions begin after Graduation, so your support continues for up to a year with 12 one-on-one sessions with Marie. You will be given a code to schedule these private ThetaHealing® sessions. These codes will expire on May 31, 2024.

“Marie has been my teacher for four Thetahealing courses. She is an amazing teacher and healer. She has an incredible energy and demeanor of peace and gentleness which is ideal in a scenario where you are opening yourself in the most vulnerable ways to be seen and healed. She is utterly non-judgmental and kind. You will instantly feel that you can trust Marie both in terms of the information she is delivering, and what is motivating her on this planet. She is a true psychic and healer, and is very skilled and knowledgeable. I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her and continue to be her student.”

– Madeline Silva, LA

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Schedule a free Discovery call with Marie to see if this is for you.

Other ways to join if the full Master’s Path is not aligned at this time:

Business Explosion Package:

All classes through end of January. Plus practice sessions and office hours for the same duration, and all 5 of the incredible Mastermind sessions with industry leaders on how to grow your brand and your business.

ThetaHealers Practice Makes Perfect:

Designed for people who have already taken quite a few Thetahealing classes, up to and past World Relations, or Intuitive Anatomy. This is great for those who need a boost for their business, and who just feel like the need to sharpen their skills. Includes all practice sessions and the business Masterminds.

Set up a session with me to discuss which path works for you and for pricing